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Large flange heaters (*custom-made products)

  1. Maximum discharge temperature of 700°C.
  2. Waterproof structure and pressure-/explosion-resistant structure available.
  3. Can be used in high-temperature, high-pressure conditions.
  4. Designs for various pressure vessels (boilers, compliance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, etc.) available.
  5. Maintains temperature accurately.
  6. Direct heating system results in high energy efficiency.
  7. Large-capacity heaters can be manufactured.
  8. Various material options for ensuring high resistance to corrosive gases and chemicals.

Scope of manufacture

Maximum operating temperature


Materials used

  • SUS-321
  • SUS-316L
  • SUS-310S
  • Incoloy-840
  • Incoloy-800
  • Incoloy-825
  • Inconel-600
  • AH-1
  • Titanium
  • Iron
  • Others

Delivery time

30 to 150 days

*Manufacturing may not be possible depending on the conditions. Contact us for details.

Basic terminal box shape