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Duct heaters (*custom-made products)

Duct heaters are gas heaters that are manufactured by applying tubular heaters and fin tubular heaters and are used as a heat source for hot air devices, heating furnaces, and heating appliances. They may have a flange on both sides or only on one side depending on the machine and location where they are to be installed. Depending on the type of objects to be heated, a drip-proof specification and a stainless steel specification are available.

They have a structure where heater elements are mounted on a steel flange by insulating retainers or bushings; heater terminals are stored and connected in a box; and wiring is completed up to the terminal block for power supply connection. They can be manufactured for a maximum operating temperature of 700°C.

Scope of manufacture

Maximum operating temperature


Materials used

  • SUS-321
  • SUS-316L
  • SUS-310S
  • Incoloy-800
  • Incoloy-825
  • Incoloy-840
  • Inconel-600
  • AH-1
  • Titanium
  • Others

Delivery time

30 to 60 days

*Manufacturing may not be possible depending on the conditions. Contact us for details.