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Facility heaters (*custom-made products)

Heaters that are used in petroleum, gas, and chemical plants are required to be under strict quality control and have advanced technologies. In such a strict environment, heaters from Izumi Dennetsu have been playing an important part in plant businesses both in Japan and worldwide.

We propose and manufacture a wide array of facility heaters by applying large flange heaters and duct heaters.

  • Manufacturing plant of boilers and first class pressure vessel heating elements
  • Manufacturing plant of heaters for high pressure gas specified facilities

Example of Customers

- Iron and steel companies - Chemical manufacturers - Pharmaceutical companies - Paper manufacturing companies
- Petroleum refineries - Fiber makers - Electronics companies - Gas companies
- Automobile manufacturers - Air-conditioning facility manufacturers - Power generation stations in Japan and other countries
- PCB processing facilities - Governmental offices, and many others

Delivery records

Thermal oil heater 400 A - 300 kW

Duct heater for heating gas 150 kW

Thermal oil heater 1700 kW Boiler construction code

Gas heater 600 kW
Second class pressure vessel construction code

Flange heater 1200 A 600 kW

Gas heater 800 A 550 kW

Gas heater 200 kW

Heater for hot air circulation 100 kW

Hot air generator 30 kW

Thermal oil heater
180 kW Boiler construction code